Into The Distance.

Long time Deus friend SURAHN (Sidwho?) sat down with us to answer some questions about his hometown, his influences and his longtime affection for motorcycles. He also dropped on us an exclusive upcoming single “Into The Distance” and a breezy summer mix. Heres some of a lot he had to say: 




You live in South Australia but travel the world – how would you describe home in 3 sentences ? 

The Coorong, where i live, is remote. It’s a sanctuary to birds, fish, plants, sand, and my family and i. We thrive off the energy here. It keeps me sane in the customs line up at LAX and gives me solace when sometimes the entertainment industry throws shade on the real romance of living right.

Talk us through your musical progression from a youngster to now … Instrumentation , live shows and releases … How did it all infold?

It all started when i was the letter C in Christmas in an italian children’s play as a 6 year old. Flash forward through studying instruments of all kinds, explosive rock bands smashed together with disco bands in my early 20’s whilst i was DJing in clubs. I was super lucky growing up in Adelaide. We had a healthy live music scene along side an amazing techno and disco scene, so there really was no excuse not to feel apart of the bigger picture. I released some things with the first band i was in The Swiss, which did well on limited 12 inch vinyl disco fronts, then we toured with our rock band Morals Of A Minor and became a rock n roll cliche. I grew my hair really long and pretended and flirted with substance abuse. Once that all imploded i started putting my own stuff out as Sidwho? with Future Classic. I put a handful of wobbly disco records out with them before they were a household name and that gave me the confidence to try writing more song based solo material. The first Surahn EP came out on DFA which was a goal i set myself when i would fan out on LCD Soundsystem and all the DFA’s guys. I recorded some things from the new LP at James Murphy’s studio which was wild. His studio is a complete analogue adventure playground in the west side of NYC. I slept in there for a few nights whilst tracking “ Wanted To Fly”, my first single off the LP.

Then i guess the last 7 years was Empire Of The Sun land. A strange island full of quasi mystical experiences and crazy shows. Playing after Prince, in front of 100k people in Mexico, on television in the US and every major music festival on the planet. It was trip. Sometimes i laugh about how intense that whole period was, but mainly reflect on all the incredible times i had on the road with my friends, doing what i love. 

What are some of your most treasured memories ? 

The musical ones revolve around great performances and studio experiences. Playing after Prince to 80k people in Portugal with Empire was a trip, stalking David Bowie one night after a show to give his manager my demo, recording and writing with Usher over the years, it’s all been pretty wild. But in amongst all of that, i still love the raw emotion of singing a song for someone, just in front of me, the intimacy strikes me. And i love playing with the guys i have grown up, Tony Mitolo ( The Swiss, Empire Of The Sun ) & Luke Million. 

Music is like a cosmic children’s book that taught me how to live, and every time that special kind of harmony comes to me it’s like the universe is cradling me, reading the words of that book to me. 

Who do you admire ? 

Apart from my incredible wife and resilient kids, I end up admiring animals the most and the strongest characters of nature like the Sea and the Wind. There’s a simplicity in their being that i think all of us as humans need to remind ourselves to be, a way of existing with out complication. 

Do you enjoy fatherhood? Why?

I have two boys, Salvador ( 9 ) and Theodore ( 2 months ). Being a dad is the greatest gift of life. My boys are good boys and i’m so excited for them and the life they have. 

I love watching them grow and learn. My eldest is a city boy and when he stays with us in the country we end up doing a lot of things like fishing and gardening to help him stay grounded. Teddy my youngest will be a little Storm Boy before we know it. Those two have a wonderful life ahead of them.  

You love motorbikes – why ? 

I grew up riding in McLaren Vale doing vintage and hanging with my cousins. I associate it with freedom and becoming a man. I’m more of a bike guy than a car guy. I ride an old 80’s Rat Kawasaki VN750 around the Fleurieu Peninsular and i have an 81 XLX dirt bike i use for the beach. When ever i travel i try and hire bikes and see the country side. I have been lucky enough to ride a Harley a few times across America with a mate and those trips are memorable. The first time my girlfriend ( now wife ) came to LA with me we rode with the Vintage Venice Motorcycle Club from the coast to the Hills and ended up Rainbow Room being blown out by the whole awesome bike culture on the west coast of the US. I remember seeing he grin in the review mirror as wide as open piano. Lucky times. 

 Being able to ride a mechanical horse with an engine and soak in the smells, having the wind beating at your face, locking into the rhythm of time, it’s all good stuff. I’m not a maniac though, i ride like a 60 year old. I really get into the psychology of good riding and i love the medium of bike building as art. There’s so many lines on a bike, shapes both masculine and feminine, it really shows beauty in texture, be it leather , steel or glass. My dream bike is an old 70’s CB750 or a 70’s HD iron head. I love those bikes.