Indonesia SX225 Street Tracker

This little street tracker is one tricked out ride. The Yamaha SX225 donor has literally been rebuilt from the ground up…The frame to the engine, and everything in-between has been modified, featuring the likes of a… More

Indonesia Tigers Milk II

“Tigers Milk II”- A Honda GL 200. The second generation in the Tigers Milk series of custom bikes from Deus Bali. Sporting a custom tank, seat, fenders, a K&N Air Filter, Ventura Handlebars, Icon Rear Shocks… More

Indonesia ‘Cafe Racer’ 225

This bike has been in and out the workshop more times than certain celebs and rehab. Not that its broken down. Its actually a new bike. The boys have just been riding it and tweaking it… More

Indonesia Bali Dog II

This new generation ‘Bali Dog’ shares many of the same specs as its older brother, but has received an overall refinement worthy of its second-generation title. This beauty is sportin’ A Yamaha 225cc engine, chrome scrambler… More

Indonesia The Bukit Climber

Indonesia Bali Dog

The “Bali Dog”, is a distant cousin of Deus Australia “”Drover’s Dog- all dick and ribs just like the barking mutt trotting around the temples at night. This Yamaha 225 is ticked out with all the… More