Australia Oddjob SR542

The Deus Oddjob Fitted with a custom seat and tank, original powdercoated mags, and a 542cc stump puller of a donk and blueprinted by local guru Carl Batey of Cafe Racer. Also repping a Keihin FCR39 carb, Brembo… More

America Grievous Angel

Deus’s signature SR build: the Grievous Angel. Alloy bullet fairing, underslung stubbie pipe, powdercoated factory mags, clip-on bars, Nitroheads ducktail solo seat and tracker tank, SR frame hand massaged into submission, K&N pod filter kit, CV… More

Australia Major Bloodnok

A ‘major’ build in every way. Based on the Kawasaki W650, this machine has had serious surgery on the subframe to achieve a low ride. Fat Coker tyres surround black powdercoated rims laced with stainless spokes… More