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    We are proud to announce all 'The Deus Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build Off' events are done and dusted for another year! It was time to make the event truly global, so we expanded to five locations worldwide including Sydney, Venice, Bali, Milan and Tokyo. Each location saw an amazing plethora of bikes entered. Some were beautifully crafted works of art while others took 'Making the most with the least' to inconceivable lengths. Friends were made and a lot of good times had, but it's time for YOU to decide what bike will be crowned as the GLOBAL PEOPLE'S CHOICE WINNER of the The Deus Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build Off 2015.

    DEUS BIKE BUILD OFF デウス バイク ビルドオフ2015 が幕を閉じ、次の大会までバイクは眠らせるのか、すでにカスタムの日々を始めているのだろうか。
    各開催地では実に多くのバイクがエントリーされ、それらは、美しくカスタムしているのもあれば、おもいっきり”最小限で最大限を表現すること” を重視したものと
    皆さん、今大会の集大成ともいえる "デウス バイク ビルド オフGLOBAL PEOPLE'S CHOICE WINNER 2015 "5ヶ国の入賞車輛からNo.1をあなたが決める時がやってきました!

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    Electric Mini Cafe Racer

    First | Sydney

    Joe Fisher and Ryan Mischkulnig

    Joe Fisher and Ryan Mischkulnig with their beautiful rendition of an postie converted into an electric bike. There were many amazing bikes for the judges to chose from on the day, but when it came to picking a winner, it was all about who made the most with the least. Joe and Ryan turned a simple postie into a slick and simple electric mini cafe racer. With the use of copper tubing to define the lines, blacked out wheels, a fresh coat of a paint on the frame, these guys really proved that less is more and that a little imagination goes a long way.


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    Honda CB550 Cafe Racer

    Second | Sydney

    Steve Dotlerty

    Steve Dotlerty, with his Honda CB550 cafe racer. Over the years, the humble Honda CB550 has become a very popular base for Cafe Racers, so popular in-fact that the custom scene has become over saturated with them and just when we thought we’d scene it all, Steve came along with something entirely new and original. Converting the dual rear shocks to a sturdy mono and swapping the comfy stock seat to a minimal approach and punching some holes through a steel seat pan to expose some beautiful brown leather. The front fairing had also started its life as a fender which was cut and modified to fit all of the Hondas gauges.


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    Suzuki RE5 Rotary

    Third | Sydney

    Ross Camuglia

    Ross Camuglia with his one of a kind and very rare Suzuki RE5 Rotary bike.That’s right, you read that correctly, a Rotary Bike. In the 70’s Suzuki made a very limited number of these bad boys and as you can imagine, they flopped and vanished from the market never to be made again. Seeing one in the flesh is a rare treat, seeing one in the flesh transformed into a hard tail straight out of Mad Max is nothing short of amazing. Ross re-worked the frame into a hard tail, reworked the gear shifter into a jockey shift and added loads more personal touches to this very unique rotary full of character.


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    Kawasaki KZ650

    People's Choice | Sydney

    Tom Dykes

    Tom Dykes from Canberra with his KZ650. Tom drove all the way up from our nation’s capital, but instead of bringing nudie mags and fireworks, he brought along a spitfire inspired KZ650, the old kwaka was treated to a very DIY front fearing and tail section, a real eye catcher.


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    Kawasaki KZ750

    People's Choice | Sydney

    James Sinclair

    James Sinclair with his KZ750. James came through with a very Americana feel to a Japanese classic, tall pipes and a seat straight out of the glory chopper era of the 60’s, this crowd favorite even treated us to a good old fashion burn out at the end, Jimmy knows how to make an exit!


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    Honda American DAX 1979

    First | Tokyo

    Yotaro Shimoyama

    1st place of Tokyo’s inaugural BBO was awarded to Yotaro Shimoyama. He and older brother Rintaro, the Shimoyama brothers, entered the build-off with a bike each. The “Shimo-Bros” love customizing bikes and refer to themselves as “urban amateur builders.” Despite their passion for customizing, they have no garage. Instead they build in their apartment living room on the 5th floor residing with their parents! This little Dax is a tight fit in the elevator…upright. Yotaro prefers using odd spare parts he can find laying around rather than spending money on them. Because they don’t have a welder they file parts to connect and make fit. An appropriate candidate for “making the most with the least.” He has been customizing his Honda American DAX for 5 years now and it keeps ever changing. Stay tuned for what his bike will look like next time you see him!


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    Harley Davidson 1996 XL1200S

    Second | Tokyo

    Kei Tashiro

    2nd place was awarded to Kei Tashiro who is a true “backyard builder.” He customized his Harley Davidson for 4 years in his backyard and living room. Knowing it would be difficult to notice or understand how much customization went into his build he created an 8-page sketchbook of his work in progress. His enthusiastic presentation with book on display including well-documented process of hand-made sand molded parts and joints, Kei left a lasting impression with the judges. Mr. Kurosu acclaimed builder from Cherry’s Company and renowned for his custom Harley builds, handed Kei his award. Both were all smiles for their favorite Harley.


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    Honda Supercub C70 Trials

    Third | Tokyo

    Reio Ono

    3rd place was awarded to the very dapper Reio Ono, for his clever custom conversion of a classic Honda Super Cub into a streamlined trial bike. With trial riding his hobby, Ono spent a week customizing an old Super Cub with off-road Honda parts he had in his company’s garage. He says the lighter Cub rides better than his usual trial bike and has become his go-to ride.


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    Honda Spacy 50

    People's Choice | Tokyo

    Toshiyuki Kinoshita (Sonic Crafty)

    The futuristically modified profile of the classic 1982 Honda Spacy by Toshiyuki Kinoshita had the audience instantly delighted. An actual handheld Nintendo Game Watch, also from the 80’s, was transformed into a speedometer and turn signal controls and fitted into the instrument panel. Nostalgic memories of the gadget everyone owned in their childhood had the crowd thoroughly entertained. This bike was hands down the people’s favorite.


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    1982 Yamaha SR250

    First | Milan

    Marco Troiano

    Marco looked at the 1982 Yamaha Sr250 and rolled up his sleeves. He started modifying thoroughly, shortening it and using a unique rear suspension scheme, with a single shock working in reverse, when in traction instead of in compression. The rear 16” tyre is beautifully and really unusual, being nothing less than a tractor’s front wheel. Genial. And the tank is straight from a 70’s 50cc motorcycle but Marco doesn’t even remember where he got it from, the fairing and fairing’s frame are homemade.


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    CZ 174 Trail

    Second | Milan

    Eugenio Vezzetti

    “Years”: Eugenio literally expresses like this the time it took him to finally decide to cut the frame of his donor bike, a CZ 174 Trail, with a 2 strokes single-cylinder engine. Once cut he thought about making a rigid and super low frame. The fork is OEM, as pretty much everything else on the bike, which is basically made of re-adapted stock parts. The seat was completely homemade, carved from a single aluminum sheet and a hand sewed pillow by Eugenio himself. Also the exhaust is still stock, nonetheless the lights are a Carrello fog light and a polished 30’s push bike’s headlight. The “cherry” on top of the bike is the double key built with two audio jack connectors for the starters and the lights.


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    Motoretta 50 MotoBi

    Third | Milan

    Jacopo Monti

    The funky “Skate Bob R” from Jacopo born from a Motoretta 50 MotoBi, from which the rear frame was cut and the swing arm was stretched, making it rigid. The seat became suspended using the shocks that came off. The handlebar is a short track one, and that’s from that discipline that comes the tank: as Jacopo said, it is from a Trophy Sportster 883, “with the cap damaged by my nuts when they gave me a brakeless bike and with which I was almost killing myself.” To finish it off a leather backpack was added, detachable to be taken off when leaving the moped.


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    1964 Gilera 98

    People's Choice | Milan

    Elephant Garage

    “Gina” was a 1964 Gilera 98, it was modified with a Gilera 124’s tank, custom made exhaust, Ducati Monster’s handlebar, knobbly tyres, the pegs made with a threaded billet and the throttle made with a lever. Other parts are straight from the bicycle world: Bike pedal kick-starter, bicycle seat, and shift lever made from a hammer grip shod with a bicycle grip.


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    Ducati Monster 750

    People's Choice | Milan

    Riccardo Andreotti

    Riccardo started cutting and rebuilding the rear section of the monster 750’s frame, in order to get the aluminum tail section flush with thank. It’s been thought a flat-track styled triple tree offset, combined with Yamaha R6’s fork legs, Alpina Rims and a rear shock coming from a KTM with dedicated setting. And then a flat track handlebar as the exhaust derived from a Harley Davidson Wood.


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    1982 Honda CX500

    First | Venice

    Josh Deardorff

    Josh rode his $350 1982 Honda CX500 one thousand miles down to Venice from Portland, Oregon. The completed bike is a mixture of 9 different bikes found at his local salvage yard and used parts from eBay and fabricated from scratch, or adapted to function where they originally were not meant to belong. The rear section is completely custom fabricated and the front and rear suspension are off a CBR600rr. Josh had previous experience working with metal, but this is his first motorcycle build so everything was a learning process. Josh documented the build progress on his Instagram (@josh_aft) and under the tag #thisiswhathappenswhenyoubuyamotorcyclefor350dollars


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    1961 Ducati Diana 250

    Second | Venice

    Craig Marleau

    Craig found this 1961 Ducati Diana 250 sitting next to a barn in Northern California and decided to turn it into a scrambler with modern suspension to be able to handle the dirt roads and trails out on the ranch. Craig drove down from Redding CA with a ram in the back of the truck


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    1970 Honda CL70

    Third | Venice

    Haven Jarel

    A few months ago, Haven rolled into Deus on his 1970 Honda CL70 to join us for Sunday Mass and when he took off his helmet, we said “What the heck?! This is a kid!” His enthusiasm was contagious and it turned out he had built his bike into a cafe racer himself at 13 years old! Needless to say, we invited him to the Deus Bike Build Off and since that first time we saw him, he has stripped the bike completely down and added a shiny new paint-job and finishing touches to make his CL70 complete.


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    Honda CB400

    People's Choice | Venice

    Bryan Wood

    Woody built a Japanese Bosozoku style Honda CB400 Hawk scrounging together items that had ne’er been ever applied to a motorcycle in the history of mankind. Like the clear windshield made from a clear food-tray cover and the musical LED taillight.


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    1980 Kawasaki Binter Mercy

    First | Canggu


    Every fan of custom bikes in Bali knows Kedux. Many of his bike builds take on a life after leaving his garage. Becoming champions at various regional custom fests across Indonesia. Kedux started his carrier as a builder in the Harley workshop, it was there that he learnt to wrench but it was also there that he honed his mad skills at pin striping using brushes that he hand makes. His magnificent 1980 Kawasaki Binter Mercy took out 1st place as it exemplified the main criteria, building the most with the least


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    Honda CB 100

    Second | Canggu

    Candra Wirawan

    Candra Wirawan built his awesome little CB 100 up at his home in Ubud. We knew that it drove, one of the criteria of the competition, as he rode it all the way down here to the Temple in Canggu for the event. You could tell that his daily ride was a labour of love. He did everything himself. From the customized frame through to the handmade tank. A lack of funds gave birth to creative inclusions like the use of a front brake from a Triumph and rear brake from a Fuch. The results are so simple and apparently a joy to ride.


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    2009 Yamaha Scorpio

    Third | Canggu

    Made Zui

    Made Zui opened his workshop in Denpasar back in 2008 so it’s no fluke that his is one of most popular and respected custom garages in Bali. His sales line is that he will put your imagination into reality, and you can tell there is truth here if you ever go to his shop. A trip there is brilliant, the place is a souped-up playground for bike enthusiasts. Simple, is the one word that describes the job he preformed on this 2009 Yamaha Scorpio taking it from blah to wow in a breathtaking Scrambler style. There wasn’t a part he hadn’t customized; the tank, exhaust, frame, rear arm. Top to bottom. The Lot!


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    1950 650cc Triumph 6T

    People's Choice | Canggu

    Tommy Sunu

    In Bali we replaced the People’s Choice Award with the ‘Free For All’ class. An award to cover builds of bikes bigger than the 250cc. We needn’t have worried as the head turning classic 1950 650 cc Triumph 6T would have taken out either. The owner of the bike is Tommy Sunu from Jakarta he’s called this miracle on two wheels the “Flying Don Juan”. The build was carried out by Jusuf Syam from Lowo Abang Art Cycle – Sawah Garage, Denpasar Bali. Tommy asked his great mate from Bandung, Fahmi Freeflow, to do the astounding paint job for this bike.


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