America Have Dirt, Will Travel

Our Bali brethren are usually on the receiving end of transnational jetsetters, (and If you’ve ever been to the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm in Canggu, you’d understand why, and if you haven’t you really should) But… More

America An Air-Cooled Evening

Let’s dive straight into the potatoes: Luftgekühlt III will be April 10th, 2016! The official ‘Save The Date’ announcement was made at a little dinner soirée at the Emporium Of Postmodern Activites by Patrick Long and… More

Japan Mt Fuji Battle of the Bottom Link Racing

日本のみなさん この英文のあとに日本語があります Every worthy race outing seems to begin and end with a long drive through the darkness in a van loaded with motorcycles, parts, gas and riders. Up at 0-dark-hundred-hours, loaded to the gunnels, ripping along… More


For Deus Records’ inaugural release, Matt McAulley and Brain McPeck of NYC’s quintessential skizzrock duo TV Baby provide two thick cuts of booming hard-wired soul. Released in a limited 7” vinyl run of 500, Half a Chance… More


Sounds and Visions were clear and the notes resonated deep from the spinning turn table at Sound & Vision analog swap meet in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday November 7th. The event not only served as… More


Launched in 2011, Matt McAuley and Brain McPeck’s band TV Baby has worked its way through New York City’s music and art worlds, developing into a multidisciplinary project with deep roots in the city’s downtown scene.


Every story needs a soundtrack, an inseparable mistress along for the ride who has a chord to colour everyday. Deus’ musical heritage traces back to the seminal Australian independant label Phantom Records, founded by Dare Jennings… More