• Australia Bob’s Blue Birds

    Deus Ex Machina proudly announces the latest release of the Deus McTavish Blue Bird Container Collection, 6’6″ Blue Bird #6. Phew! Now you know the name, albeit very long, let us share in the wonderful chemistry… More


    Power, grace, and two-stroke exhaust. An art form practiced by fearless two-wheeled entertainers for nearly a century, the spectacle of the motor drome inspires audiences as much today as we imagine they did in the early… More


    An afternoon finding new friends, discovering lovely vistas, and lightly fueling the addictive nature of gambling with a little game of five card stud, The Big Blind Ramble was Deus Ex Machina’s humble way of selling… More

  • Australia Tightening the Bolt

    It’s always exciting when faced with a new project, especially one personally delivered by Yamaha Australia. First things first: pen to paper. With plenty of ideas and mock ups floating around the direction was quickly decided…. More

  • Knowing Is Growing

    We at Deus Ex Machina have always emphasized the importance of learning and sharing knowledge and have fought against the idea of rejecting someone because they didn’t know something. It’s especially important for us to learn… More

  • America Second Time Around

    Two years of service. Two days of celebration. Deus Ex Machina’s Emporium of Postmodern Activities completed its second orbit through the solar system last month and to mark the occasion we threw open the doors for… More

  • Indonesia T.O.S Angourie

    Husni was kicked back listening to kookaburras and butcherbirds. It was his first moment of relaxation after a week of perfect waves and blurry parties. The Noosa Festival of Surfing had left its mark and it… More

  • Indonesia Softy 225

    The Bengkel boys have barely had time to wash the grease from their hands before starting on a new project these last fews months, and the latest custom order they unveiled was a new version our… More

  • Indonesia Café CB 200

    Customers love ordering café Racers and we love building them… The style is timeless… When it comes to a cafe racer conversion this 76’ Honda CB200 fits like a glove. In 1976 this bike was renowned… More

  • America Klunking Kenter

    The downhill blast. The Airtime. The sideway skids. Off the boardwalk and into the Santa Monica Mountains we took our old beach cruisers and up the fire-roads of Kenter Trail where gravity does the pushing and… More

  • Indonesia To Lindsey

    Andy Wauman finally unveiled his much-anticipated solo art exhibition at the Deus Gallery last Friday. The exhibition, titled ‘A Single Match Below A Fire’, is a mixture of different artistic mediums, combining photography, sculptures, and film…. More

  • The Angry Wasp.

    Name: The Angry Wasp Make: BSA A65 Lightning Owned by Moto Gravel (importers of fine, vintage motorcycles) Simon Lovelace & Andrew Holloway Built by 138 Cycles in Ohio. Custom California rigid chopper frame built around a… More