Indonesia Phantom and Smokin Skull back in the bay

Chris ‘Phantom’ Garrett packed up his tools, a couple of boards and a packed lunch and headed for the airport to jump on a sky bus pointed our way. He’s made his way back onto Deus… More

Indonesia Japanese Tanks

Alloy…raw, light as a feather and welded with the precision of a surgeon. Qualities of the hand made tanks that Japan produces and we yearn for. Two such tanks have been waiting in our parts room,… More

Indonesia Bryan Palacious

23 year old artist, Bryan Palaciosgrew up near the Mexican boarder, with a father from Mexico and a mother from the United States. His family ran a restaurant in Mexico and he went to school in… More

Indonesia A night at Porkys

Last night a few Deus riders suited up, threw a leg over the saddle and headed into the depths of Denpasar to follow up on an invite from friend Gede. His MC “The Chopper Heros” were… More

Indonesia Lazy Sunday

Its Sunday, recovery time, relaxation time, whatever you wanna call this blessed day, it is upon us once again. Every now and again (today included) I like to spend a whole day couch laden, with a… More

Indonesia Jim Banks, a man of many talents.

Jim Banks is an not your run of the mill sort of bloke, humble beginnings and a chance meeting with cyclone swells drew him into a life long passion for surfing. One of the great punctuations… More