Indonesia Fleas and Itches

Born to a farmer’s family, New Zealander, Hugh Stewart grew up on the range so to speak. The eldest of 7 showed little to no interest towards farming and as soon as school was out, hopped… More

Indonesia Happy Holidays!

So here we are, teetering on the tip of Christmas and New Years once more. Thanks to everyone for making it a year to remember. Carve into some crissy pud, talk turkey, kick back, stay safe… More

Indonesia Fisher and the Boat

Deus Grom, Fixie fixture and little ripper Fisher ‘Fish’ Louis just got back from an 11 day surf adventure around the Mentawi islands in Indonesia. This is his story in all its glory. “What kid wouldn’t… More

Indonesia Theo The boy in the red backpack, or is it the other way around ?

A few weeks ago, a cyclist skidded up to the front steps of the temple on a bicycle wearing beanie, gloves, and a huge red backpack that dwarfed him, and this was on a particularly hot afternoon…. More

Indonesia Christmas Co-Lab Artshow

Campur is the Indonesian word for mixed. We recently adopted it for the name for our Short Film Festival to try and acknowledge the diversity of entrants. Then we have “A Xmas Deus Art Show”. Talk… More

Indonesia Stix & Kix

Three fresh stix just came out of the sanding shed out back and onto the Temple’s board racks… A 5’3 Trident, 7’0 Single and a 7’2 Poet Warrior. Ummm – Swell is coming this weekend, that… More