Indonesia We bid farwell to Mr Made J

Since his arrival at the Temple of Enthusiasm, The magical Made J has made himself a home upon the Deus Veranda. From nights of tunes and laughter to days of beers n banter…he brought ’em. Unfortunately… More

Indonesia Harajuku Girls & Tw’s

It has been a few days now since our fearless leaders, Dustin & Julian, boarded a plane and headed for the land of the rising sun. Japan offers both a chance for some R&D along with… More

Indonesia New Lunch Menu serving the hungry

Other than rolling up some fine stacks of sushi, since Tyler came back to town he’s also re-vamped our Lunch Menu. Tasty morsels have been flowing out the kitchen all week, and the smell coming off… More

Indonesia Juan ‘Maestro’ Fangio

It’s not everyday something related to the four wheeled persuasion graces these pages…but after finding an image amongst the intertubes, I had to delve deeper into the story of the subject.That story being of racing legend,… More

Indonesia Whats the Smokin’ Skull up to?

During my morning coffee, as I sat on the balcony, i spotted some feet from under Smokin’ Skull’s art bay. The sight of these technicolor appendages, along with the scattered cussing worthy of a sailor meant… More

Indonesia The little buddy and his larger friends

While the waves a still 3ft and mushy, the Deus shaping bay has been pumping, with a few new shapes emerging and some artwork to boot. The Banana yellow miniature, dubbed ‘The Little Buddy’ is 4’10… More