Indonesia Event Update !

Due to a handful of fixed gear riders being absent this weekend, the ‘Skinned Heels and Spoked Wheels’ event has been pushed back until the 14th and 15th of January. We couldn’t do it without you… More

Indonesia Unabashed shapes and a 53 ThunderBird

So on the daily rounds of the interwebs, amongst the tattoos and choppers, peeked out something that made me grab a coffee and sit still for more than 5 minutes. (which is quite the feat if… More

Indonesia Sunday Sunset Music Sessions with Ray D’Sky

Sunday Sunset Music Sessions are back underway at the Deus Cafe. For the first act this year we welcome Ray D’Sky. The folk Band from Jakarta have been together since 2007, playing gigs up and down… More

Indonesia Rusty Fongers restoration

A few months back, whilst trekking through the back-lands of Java on an unrelated expedition, we came across somewhat of a gem in the rough. With more rust than a cold war tank and tires like… More

Indonesia Skinned Heels & Spoked Wheels

Alrighty all you hipster fixsters out there, listen up. The first ‘Fixie Scavenger Hunt’ will be taking place on Saturday the 8th of January, so get your ride oiled up and prepare yourself for a day… More

Indonesia A little taste of ‘Fleas and Itches’

We are very pleased to welcome Hugh Stewart and his exhibition entitled “Fleas and Itches.” The show opens this Thursday at the Deus Gallery. Over the last few decades Hugh Stewart has photographed some of the… More