Indonesia Catalyst, Cake and The Bermuda Triangle

A evening of review, beers and cake…”Catalyst,” Mike Losness’ exhibit of resin fume inspired abstract-ism opened last night, and what a night it was. The crowd rolled in as the sun was setting, each taking thier… More

Indonesia Jogjakarta and Riverside Frame Builders

As the plane came in for a landing, swooping over the night time streets of Jogjakarta, my eyes scanned the bustling roadways, and I could tell from right then that I was in for an interesting… More

Indonesia Vintage Throwback’s

Fresh off the ink roller and onto the rack…a slew of throwback prints upon vintage cut’s now stand proud on the Deus showroom floor. Put a time past on your chest with a choice of internal… More

Indonesia Catalyst Exhibit ready to hit the walls

Mike Losness was back in the Smokin’ Skulls resin pit earlier this afternoon… putting the finishing touches upon the pieces for his art exhibition. Fumes filled the air as he laid the final strips of fiberglass… More