Indonesia PÂKÊ frames stocked and ready

Well look at what we have here…Seems some candy colored tubular tricksters just shimmied their way onto the showroom floor but a few days ago. This gaggle of PÂKÊ frames arrived by air and have been… More

Indonesia Jae Laffer playing live this Sunday at the Temple

This Sunday we are very honored to welcome Singer/Songwriter ‘Jae Laffer’ to our weekly Sunset session. Jae is the lead singer of Australian band ‘The Panics,’ known worldwide for their hit song ‘Don’t fight it.’Jae says… More

Indonesia Drag Races, Barefoot Riding and a Fire

The second annual ‘Dress up drags’ went down in a spectacular fashion yesterday afternoon. Friends and family gathered at the temple as the afternoon rolled in…each sportin’ their unique flamboyant getup and making bold claims as… More

Indonesia Deus Cinema Saturdays kicks of with ‘Idiosyncrasies’

Movies nights are back on at the Temple of Enthusiasm! we are going to be kicking off a ritualistic Saturday screening with the latest film from Patrick Trefz, “Idiosyncrasies.” I haven’t seen the film as of… More

Indonesia Antonio Münoz and some moto art

The latest installment of captivating imagery has just rolled in from the one and only Antonio Münoz. A clutch of motor inspired artistry for you to set your peepers on. Enjoy!

Indonesia Art ‘n’ Music

The ‘UrgntSnds/UrgntSlnc’ art Exhibition on Thursday the 24th is fast approaching, and as usual the temple is abuzz with the pre show arrangements. As well as providing an exhibition worth of new works, Farid will also… More