Indonesia Tigers Milk II – Black is the new Black

The first Tigers Milk exited the workshop not too long ago, and already a second generation is sitting proudly beside it. This new Tigers Milk…aptly dubbed the ‘Tigers Milk II’…has answered the call for a black… More

Indonesia Tigers Milk II

“Tigers Milk II”- A Honda GL 200. The second generation in the Tigers Milk series of custom bikes from Deus Bali. Sporting a custom tank, seat, fenders, a K&N Air Filter, Ventura Handlebars, Icon Rear Shocks… More

Indonesia Riding the Mountain with the Bicycle Boys

There is really no rest for the wicked! Arriving late last night after the longest motorcycle ride of our lives, we received a call in the early hours of the morning…telling us of plans for a… More

Indonesia Final road home and the Velodrome

As the sun dawned on the last but sunny day of our excursion, we had no idea what was in store for us via our route home. After climbing and descending over yet another mountain…getting lost… More

Indonesia Bali Dogs roaming Java Part 2

So after the longest ride of our lives, we finally made it to the coast this morning. The boys who had flown in were already in the water, and the waves were 1 foot at best…. More

Indonesia Bali Dogs roaming Java

Hello again everyone, I apologize for the lack of post as of late, we have hit the road atop a couple Deus muts, and are now traveling through Java…and an internet connection is quite hard to… More