Indonesia Deus SX225 Street Tracker

Every now and again something emerges from our paddy field surrounded workshop…Something a bit different to the rest. Now as per usual…A lot of blood, sweat, tears and of course Bintang go into every bike that… More

Indonesia Rudge Restoration

A couple times a year we load up the truck, jump in, and drive through East Java hunting down antique furniture, bicycles and motorcycles. Fresh from a stint of refurbishment in the bicycle workshop is this… More

Australia Spring 2011 – WAY OFF LIFE

Indonesia Smokin’ Skull and an ancient art

There are many ancient art forms practiced on this planet we call home…physical, mental, creative and even destructive have all played their part in history. They have evolved over time, changing shape and gaining refinement as… More

Indonesia Sunday Sunset Session with Jae Laffer

A special Sunset Session went down in the midst of the courtyard last night. Jae Laffer and Andy played to a packed back-yard crowd until and after the heavens opened upon us. Jae rocked the harmonica,… More

Indonesia Deus X Helltrust

During a trip to Bandung a few months ago, Theo and myself had the good fortune of meeting a resident frame builder who had become quite popular in the local fixer gear scene. ‘Stone’ was his… More