Indonesia Board taggin’ with Ozzie Wright and The Smokin’ Skull

Just over a week ago, as another day come to an end, the rear of the Temple saw some afternoon creativity in the form of some good old tagging. With Bintangs in hand and the sun… More

Indonesia The Deus ‘Rocco’

The latest two wheeled machine to roll out of the workshop has been dubbed ‘Rocco.’ But to fully understand why, you have to know a little more about the owner, Roberto. Roberto is a long time… More

Indonesia Vintage Sunglass Goodness

After a short, yet extremely relaxing hiatus, I returned to the Temple this morning to find a stickered up box sitting on my desk. After a quick once over, I proceeded to tear into it with… More

Indonesia An afternoon of school sport. The surf contest.

­­Red is having a much-deserved day off. Ano, one of the Temple’s resident’s who has penned the odd story or two in the past for us had something to say so we offered him the hot… More

Indonesia People and their customs

Since we opened our doors just over 8 months ago,  people from all walks of life have stopped by our rice field residence. Of these visitors, sometimes there are a few that pull up on a… More

Indonesia Deus Show and Swap

Bust out the old rag ‘n’ polish, give your tank that sheen, and save the date, because the first Deus Show & Swap is approaching. On Sunday July 3rd, a day in the sun will celebrate… More