Indonesia Last of the bunch

The latest little runner to hit the showroom floor is something quite special. This bike is yet to be named, and is the last Scorpio that the Bengkel boys finished on their Scorpio binge before moving… More

Indonesia Stephen Cummings Live At Deus

For over three decades Aussie rock legend, and notoriously self critical Melbourne artist, Stephen Cummings has been quietly, though not all the time, producing fine music and stories. The one time lead singer of the pivotal… More

Indonesia Tyler Warren hanging at the Temple

Since his art exhibit at the Deus Gallery, Tyler Warren has been hanging out around the Temple, drawing, surfing and shaping. In his time within the shaping bay he managed to bust out a couple of… More

Indonesia ‘Tracking’ Trailer

Yesterday we posted a few screen grabs from a cinematic work in progress by Jimmy James Kinnard featuring Ellis Ericson and Jason Salisbury entitled ‘Tracking’…Well being the productive guy that he is, Jimmy has just finished… More

Indonesia ‘Tracking’

These past few weeks have seen the arrival and workings of 3 shapers in the Deus Customs shaping bay. Tommy Bexon has been doing his thing and focusing more on the logs, crafting custom orders. Tyler… More

Indonesia Looking for inspiration.

Inspiration is not a dirty word. Perhaps it is bandiedabout a little too much. Either way it’s still something that we all need. The dangled metaphorical carrot to get us off our posteriors and motivated to… More