Indonesia The Ulu

Another client specced, ground up custom just exited the Bengkel’s carved wood doors. The customer, Tim Russo, lives atop Bali’s most famous wave, Uluwatu…So climbing the steep hills will be a daily occurrence for the bike,… More

Indonesia Action in the surfbaord factory

The surfboard factory, and all its sectors, have been abuzz with activity these past few days. Ellis Ericson landed on the island just over a week ago and has been hanging out at the Temple. Spending… More

Indonesia Tyler Warren and The Poster Show

25 year old Tyler Warren has been hanging out around the Temple the past few days. Shaping boards, spending time with the ‘Smokin Skull,’ all in anticipation for his art show on June 19th, which happen… More

Indonesia Creativiy in the Surf Bay

Creativity stems from a lot of things, it can originate out of boredom, spontaneity or good old fashioned inspiration. Walking around the Temple grounds, I can usually spot someone doing something a little special. This past… More

Indonesia Deus X Future Shorts

We are very excited to announce the screening of ‘Future Shorts One’ here at the Temple of Enthusiasm on June 25th. Future Shorts One is a global film festival that will be playing in 19 countries… More

Indonesia Ketut’s Binter

A couple days ago, as I sat in my office, i heard the arrival of something custom on the temple grounds. The familiar sound of a thumper through a freely flowing exhaust brought me downstairs, curious… More