Indonesia A picture tells… More reflections

The designers have just finished putting the final touches to the Deus Bali Book MkII. Yours truly didn’t even get a look in. Not one written word from go to yo. The powers that be, cobbled… More

Indonesia Classy women ride motorcyles III

Its time again for another installment of everybody’s favorite post…’Classy Women Ride Motorcycles.’ After scouring the intertubes yet again, I have compiled a diverse array of imagery, doing my best to span different cultures, genres and… More

Indonesia Warung of Simple Pleasures Weekend Sale

Alrighty everybody, if you have been looking to grab some Deus threads, now is definitely the time. The Deus Warung of Simple Pleasures in Oberoi is holding its first weekend sale, this Saturday and Sunday there… More

Australia Mens Winter 2011

Indonesia The Deus Gallery presents – ‘Thus Far…’ – An exhibit by Tom Hawkins

It has definitely been a long journey building the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm and all that you see with it. Ups and downs, bikes and boards…we’ve done it all. Fortunately for us there has been someone… More

Indonesia Ellis X Deus

The latest trio of the ‘Ellis X Deus’ shapes have emerged from the dusty depths of the surfboard factory, and they definitely have a little ‘throwback’ look about ’em… After his initial stint in the Temple,… More