Indonesia On the night-You’re My Type

Last Sunday nights session was made a little more special than usual. Three of our favorite artists and friends, Andrew Wellman, Robert Moore and Jim Mitchell had a little shindig, ‘You’re my type’. This Typographical gallery… More

Indonesia Over The Nose On "Doc’s" Orders

Thomas Bexon’s been churning out numerous logs down in the “Temple’s” shaping bay this past week, the first of which was destined to Glide under the feet of our friend Matt Cuddihy. So off Matt went… More

Indonesia “From the Plane to the Planer”

No sooner than the dust settled from THOMAS BEXON last Sratchin session that we got the call… “I’m comin back boys, and I’m bringing my partner and laminater, Jake Bowrey to show us the way… And… More

Indonesia Matt "Cuddles" Cuddihy Get’s Some Bali Love

  Fresh off the plane plane from his home town of Noosa Matt grabs a fish from the show room and slides it into the racks of a “Bali Dog”. Ignition, accelerate, spot check, get wet,… More

Indonesia Back Stage Prep "You’re My Type" Exhibition

If yer a fan of the Spoken word, Written word or even a Dirty word, then This Sunday the 28th of August is YER NIGHT… “THE DEUS GALLERY” is “Juiced Up” to present “YOU’RE MY TYPE”… More

Indonesia “Saddle me with that”

I don’t know if any of you have driven 800km across Java with an overstuffed back pack in the blazing hot sun but I have and it hurts like hell. If you want that windswept freedom… More