Indonesia Ride 100 Bali ‘Fixed Mixer’

A total of 150 competitors rolled into town last Saturday, eager to put their pedal skills to the test in Bali’s annual fixed geared event ‘Ride 100′. A majority of the competitors had flown in especially… More

Indonesia Matty takes the heat

Here are a few photos that Matt Cuddihy sent through to us. He’s noseriding at his home break of Noosa cruzin’ on his new Deus Customs log. He spent a couple of weeks with us last… More

Indonesia View from the edge

More news from the intrepid band of Deus gadabouts off in Sri Lanka. We received this email this afternoon chock-a-block full of attachments. Eye candy. Not wanting to sully their story with words from here, we… More

Indonesia The Spoon

  Within minutes of the initial conversation a half shaped longboard blank was being hacked up and glued back together with resin to produce a blank with the required amount of foam to get the proper… More

Indonesia The Motorized Bicycle

Pedal and go and before you know it the engines got you cruising at 40km/hour. If that’s not an incentive to go out for a bike ride I don’t know what is. In earlier times, pedal start… More

Indonesia Hats on for Truckers

Trying to keep your head out of the sun has never been easier. A delivery van pulled up at the back gates of the Temple today and unloaded a whole heap of boxes filled to the… More