Indonesia Dirt Road Diary -Final Blog Entry #4

Our travels were slowly starting to get to us, sore muscles and sunburn were common topics of conversation at the breakfast table. We managed to fight the urge and didn’t hit the road at first light,… More

Indonesia Dirt Road Diary – Blog Entry #3

The silence of the night was broken just prior to dawn with the sounding of cockerels from every coop in the village… Natures alarm clock was all the encouragement we needed to stretch and amble the… More

Indonesia Dirt Road Diary – Blog Entry #2

Before departing from our day time location, we were given directions, accompanied by a map drawn in the sand with a stick… To which lead a short cut that would cut 45 minutes off our planned… More

Indonesia Dirt Road Diary – Blog Entry #1

Pulling away from the temple in the middle of the night, with nothing but darkness and a direction ahead of us. A posse of fossil fueled fangers made a B-line for the east coast, with only… More

Indonesia Deeds Not Words

Amidst the calmly collected chaos that was the Deus Slidetober Fest event, an art exhibition opened, an art exhibition that had been in the works for pretty much all of the past year. Stevie Gee, or… More

Indonesia ‘Slidetober’ Photo Booth Session

An entire day of contesting surf, washed down with a ‘Storm’ of beers and rolling seamlessly into the evening entertainment, could only lead to an uncouth ‘Photobooth’ shoot right here in ‘The Temple’ studio. ‘Slidetober’ was… More