Indonesia Some Family visits from Noosa

Its that time of the year once again, teenagers graduating from high school in Australia are enjoying their “Schoolies” or week long vacation after final exams. Zye Norris and Harrison Biden another pair of guys from… More

Indonesia Motorcycle Photography by Steven Stone

Seeing that my job description pretty much demands me to spend time on the interwebs everyday, I have become quite the virtual explorer. Delving deep and traveling far in the endless digital sea that hosts an… More

Indonesia Bengkel goings on

It has been a while since I poked my head into the busy bengkel out back. So after my morning coffee I meandered on over there and had a little look see at the goings on… More

Australia The White Hallway

225CC Scorpio rolls out of DEUS Camperdown and into the long white hallway.

Indonesia Brand new batch of Bags

A brand new batch of hardy looking Deus bags just hit the Temple’s showroom floor. The new bags range from handy side satchels and backpacks to ‘fit anything’ world traveler companions. Every one is made from… More

Indonesia The Temple’s board racks recive a new batch of foam craft

The surfboard racks in the Deus showroom have just received a much needed new batch of foam craft to top up its wooden display. Luckily for us, and you for that mater, is that we have… More