Indonesia The Hiku

The festive season is in it’s final strait leading up to Christmas, and what better gift is there to receive on the morning of the 25th than a shiny new Deus motorcycle? This ride, dubbed ‘The… More

Indonesia Deus in festive season

It has come to that festive time of the year and even in tropical Bali we are gearing up for the season with some yuletide events here at the Temple of Enthusiasm. I will let them… More

Indonesia 27 Boards

Not too long ago, a bearded nose riding shaper and a resin tainted glasser spent some time here in the rear of the Temple. Thomas Bexon and Jake Bowrey had taken a break from the land… More

Indonesia Salsa’s Phantom Shapes

Since his stint here at the Temple earlier in the year we have missed, Chris ‘Phantom’ Garrett. Luckily for us he’s back…and this time for good! Since he arrived on the Temple’s soil, Salsa and Chris… More

Indonesia Ry Cuming at the Deus Bar

Our good friend Nikko Karki got behind the lens a while back during a Taco and Tattoo Tuesday and recorded a live performance by another talented Deus friend…Ry Cumming…in amongst the hustle and bustle of the… More

Indonesia Christmas Colab art show opening

Thanks to a lot of helping hands, the 2011 Christmas Colab Art show at the Deus Gallery went down rather swimmingly. The 14 featured artists managed to get their work into the gallery in the final… More