Indonesia Blowing off some steam

I realize that most of you out there think that we who reside here in Bali are living the dream…surfing a multitude of spots, exploring desolate coastlines on custom built motorcycles, afternoon naps underneath coconut trees… More

Indonesia Back by popular demand

After many requests and back by popular demand there is now a nice stock of Chris Garrett’s “Little Buddy” in the Temples showroom…available in a multitude of colors. Designed, shaped and surfed by the man himself,… More

Indonesia Dirt Road Diary – Blog Entry #3

The silence of the night was broken just prior to dawn with the sounding of cockerels from every coop in the village… Natures alarm clock was all the encouragement we needed to stretch and amble the… More

Indonesia Salsa breaks in the finless

Chris Garrett is well known for his pretty left field approach to shaping boards. Subtle or some times not so subtle tweaks and twerks that add to performance and or handling are his M-O…however this time… More

Indonesia Golden Year Variety

When you look at the wide variety of genres in motorcycle sport today, its easy to get lost in the crowds, overly colorful sponsorship logos and the ever enticing TV commercials. It hasn’t always been like… More

Indonesia The Lost Session

The ‘Tracking’ film is complete and part of finishing this gem means we get to cull everything that was left on the cutting room floor. Here is a session thats did not make the film. Jimmy… More