Indonesia Bengkels Latest Offering

The rainy season is well and truly upon us here on the islands of the Gods…but all that really means is the garden is getting greener and we spending more time indoors working on stuff, like… More

Indonesia "And The Gods Made Love" Opening Night

Over the past month or so, Mia Taninaka, who is already well and truly part of the Deus core family, has been working diligently up in our Joglo, busting out intriguing pieces of art as part… More

Indonesia Just another day at the office

I was awoken at the eve of dawn this morning via a call from Salsa. He told me to load up my bike and meet him at the beach…a quick instant coffee and a fresh coconut… More

Indonesia Welcoming in 2012

After a couple days recovery from the other night, everybody seems to be back online and the Temple is bustling once again. We celebrated new years in a true home grown back yard fashion, with live… More