Indonesia Linus

  They’re here, fresh from the States, the brand spanking new range of  Linus bikes have touched down at the Temple. Here at Deus we like  building our custom motorcycles, and have been known to put… More

Indonesia Tubes of Salsa

  Well, well, swell… It’s the season of the switch. The trade winds have turned on. The wet season has came to an end. More spilt beer has hit the ground than raindrops in our neck of the paddies…. More

Indonesia Opening Night of Cluster Fuck

Once again Deus gallery were proud to see artists receive such a warm and welcoming opening night here at the Temple. Sandow Birk and Elyse Pignolet humbly enjoyed sharing their ideas on the Motorbike world of… More

Indonesia Dress Up Drag Portraits

Stupid is, as stupid does… and no one gets stupider than the Deus crew does for the “Dress up Drags”. You’ve read the blog about this illustrious day, now its time to check out just how… More

Indonesia Cluster fuck, the motorbike world of bali

Having visited Bali many times in the past, Los Angeles artists Sandow Birk and Elyse Pignolet are back on the island and are taking part in the Deus artist in residence program. Sandow and Elyse have… More

Indonesia Deus Dress Up Drags

Jesus died for all our sins, then he came back to life… for Deus was having its 3rd annual “Dress up Drags”. Oh boy, did we act like a bunch of bulls in candy store filled with… More