Indonesia Putting theory to the test

The relationship between a shaper and surfer is an ongoing conversion, a dialogue if you will, that sees a lot of feed back, testing and development. Chris Garrett and Jason Salisbury have been working on the… More

Indonesia Research and development

From the multiple blogs that have been posted featuring the last 2 fun filled weeks and all the exploits crew have been getting up to, you may notice, we hope your paying attention, that a certain… More

Indonesia The Mechanics Mate

You know when the head mechanic likes a bike it has to have something special going for it. That’s the case to the latest Honda GL 200 to pop outfrom the bengkel. Our first in awhile and… More

Indonesia Hindsight… A Beautiful Thing

Now the dust has settled and the hangovers abated…somewhat, we wanted to go back over an important phase of Deus 9’ & Single Log Fest 2012. The Fish Fry… Between us, you and a lamppost, we… More

Indonesia Snap, crackle and pop

Every time we have a big event at the Deus Temple we like to open up the Photo studio to take portraits of the night. Something about that moment in time. The place, people and the… More

Indonesia Bloody hell what a weekend!

What a weekend! Talk about action packed. Big things to do every day, but we’ll get back to the start and the middle, lets fast forward to the end, Sunday. The name sake of the entire… More