Indonesia Can’t help but go right

The great thing about little comps like our Deus 9ft & Single Log Fest is it brings together a whole heap of friends who normally frequent different points on the globe. No small wonder that when they do… More

Indonesia Carny comes to town

The preparations for the Deus 9ft & Single Log Fest are slipping into overdrive. The field is overfull and we’ve got ‘wanna starts’ waiting for ‘no shows’ in the wings. Seems we have new arrivals happening on the… More

Indonesia Far away in time… Java Chapters No.2

First few days in any new place you find yourself with a whole lotta nervous energy that needs exorcising. Excitement and spontaneous actions ruled the roost, we embraced it and it’s rollercoaster like ride. Then slowly, almost imperceivable, you… More

Indonesia Praeterlabor; A well hung event…

The Roman’s coined the word ‘Praeterlabor’ two thousand years ago. It’s Latin, as you might have guessed and the definition is; to glide or slip past, Flow. Do you think those Roman’s might have grimaced, if… More

Indonesia Welcome to the family Husni

The Family Deus seems to be ever expanding, collecting new members who seem to be residing further and further from the Temples walls. The latest addition to the post modern collective is that of a Javanese… More

Indonesia Supercharged Sunday Sunset Session For 9ft & Single Logfest

Deus Presents Sunday Sunset Sessions 9foot & Single Fest. We are totally amped about next weeks music offerings, which is something when you consider it’s on top of everything else that’s going down. Californian indie surf… More