Indonesia The Bali Fish Fry

Saturday 16th June we want ya to flip out of bed and flop down to Tugu beach for the Inaugural Bali Fish Fry. from ten in the am. It’s gonna be a ‘show and tell’ surf… More

Indonesia The Deus bed sheet picture show

Summer’s rolling in with the swell so we figure it’s time to unfurl the bed sheet and start showing a few movies out in the backyard. There’s absolutely no sense in easing into these things, rather… More

Indonesia Deus 9ft and single art music & log fest

Deus 9ft and Single Art Music & Log Fest What started out as a simple Sunday surf fest has mutated into something a lot larger, and now taking in the entire weekend. Friday night we start… More

Indonesia Phantom Finless V2 X The Brothers Salisbury

After their Huckleberry Finn-esque surf mission into and through the high/lowlands of South New Zealand…The Brothers Salisbury returned back to the Temple to find the second generation Phantom Finless ready and finally available for a joyride…(It… More

Indonesia The Little Blue C70

There’s this funky little blue bike floating around the Bengkel at the moment. Been a work in progress for forever. Talk about blink and you’ll miss it…or so you’d think. It was getting a couple of… More