Indonesia Catching up with Husni Part 3

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to have visited this corner of Java you’d know it’s not your typical Indonesia surf scene. For one thing the place is very light on when it comes to egos,… More

Indonesia Catching up with Husni Part 2

Down time between surfs gave me the time to suss out what it is that Husni, Mencos and the other guys were into when their not in the water. I got to listen to them playing… More

Indonesia Catching up with Husni Part 1

With Salsa departing Bali for a little Mexico soirée, and a slice of time before the arrive of Ozzie Wright and co. My work commitments opened up presenting me with a little hole to go exploring…. More

Indonesia Mother Load

Not sure why but it’s been an amped 5 day weekend in Bali. Super crazy with things on most days and nights. One really big punctuation point in all that’s gone on and going on was… More

Indonesia Mylee And The Milkshakes

As I set out to prepare 10 questions for Mylee Wright the wife of Oscar Billy Wright, cancer. I realized that there was one more member of their tribe, their son Rocky so I figured lets… More

Indonesia Acid Rainbow Flower

The Temple of Enthusiasm has seen the likes of a few different artists who have joined us for the residence artist program.  Stevie Gee, Mia Taninaka, Sandow Birk and who can forget Rockin Jellybean to name… More