Indonesia Acid Rainbow Flower

The Temple of Enthusiasm has seen the likes of a few different artists who have joined us for the residence artist program.  Stevie Gee, Mia Taninaka, Sandow Birk and who can forget Rockin Jellybean to name… More

Indonesia Mencos

Some surfers are born with natural talent, and Mencos is one of these lucky few. Just 22 years old, he’s the current ISC longboard champ, an accolade he has held for the past three years. Born… More

Indonesia In for a penny, In for a pound

More than a couple of blow in’s have past through our doors of late. The dry season brings swell and the swell brings em. Most are very memorable, though, as it the case with most things in life,… More

Indonesia Dane Peterson

Many different styles of art forms fall upon the grounds of “The Temple”. Random shapers drop in and shuffle about the bay doing the dusty cross-step that they do oh so well. Musicians flock to the… More

Indonesia Skulls, Boards, Kites & Crosses

Deus Temple Sunday sessions are always fun. Made much more so, when combined with a Deus Gallery opening. Last Sunday was such a double barreled billing. Not Applicable or N/A, for it’s written in the short form, was… More

Indonesia Sunday To Far Away

No swell… so what better time to take a couple of the bikes out for a ride. Our destination? Bali’s north coast, which was all we needed to know before beginning an epic journey from the… More