Indonesia Rucksack Revolution

Check out our new video clip, Salsa and the Rucksack Revolution in Sumatra.

Indonesia The Brains Trust

Indonesia The Brains Trust

This is a tale of all the bits coming together for the greater good. More often than not we are in our own little orbits, each working on what is available in our own backyards. But… More

Indonesia When Ink Spills Meets Generic Pills

This one’s for the business minded amongst you. We just finished watching a great little BBC docco about our mate and mentor, king of the cool T, brand guru, and top Aussie bloke, Dare Jennings. The… More

Indonesia Underneath the Colours

The Deus Gallery walls were running off at the mouth last Friday night. The hidden meaning and metaphor, that our mate and comrade, Clayton Barr, slides in under the riot of colour and radical imagery he… More

Indonesia Yer A Daisy If Yah Do

We’ve seen some good shows over the last few months here at Deus, but man last night’s gig was a doozy. Tomorrow’s Tulips lit up the stage like a junkie lights up his spoon before a… More