Indonesia Deus CSC Surf Tourney 2012

Alas, it seems we are coming to the end of 2012 and in a couple days we will be ushering in 2013…but what better way is there to see out the year than having the whole… More

Indonesia Year of the Shaper

2012 was truly the ‘Year of the Shaper’ here at the Temple. We have blessed to be visited by many great shapers and have seen some amazing craft come out of our back yard workshop. Boards… More

Australia What’s Your Favorite

Just like our Bali brothers, we’ve seen many pairs of rubber come through our workshop this year. Ranging from scorpios, SRs, Ws, Harleys and everything in between. We all have our own personal preferences depending on… More

Indonesia What’s Your Favorite

Over the past year we have seen quite a few bikes come out of our back yard workshop. Bikes of all shapes and sizes, beefy ones, little ones, sleek ones, rugged ones and nimble ones. After… More

Indonesia Ryan Lovelace & Troy Mothershead

The Temple’s modest shaping bay has been rather blessed during the past twelve months. A constant stream of talent, embodied in both technique and specialty, have served their residence within its foam covered baby blue walls…. More

Indonesia Deus Christmas Night Tattoo & Taco Bash

When your day of gift giving and food indulgence slides into early evening be sure to come down to the Temple of Enthusiasm for a festive night of live entertainment. Drinks, tattoos, and tacos will keep… More