Australia What’s Your Favorite

Just like our Bali brothers, we’ve seen many pairs of rubber come through our workshop this year. Ranging from scorpios, SRs, Ws, Harleys and everything in between. We all have our own personal preferences depending on… More

Australia Temple Premiere – Noosa

After a well received screening at the House of Simple Pleasures in Sydney, the next day some of the crew jumped in van and shot up north. First stop was Byron where Woody’s Surf Shack was… More

Australia A Glide Guide To Sydney

We recently received an email from a bunch of friends over in Japan who run a magazine known as Glide. Their glossy pages consistently document and showcase some of the grooviest alternative surf from around the world. Last issue… More

Australia Moscow Accord

“A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” — Winston Churchill, 1939 Fast forward to 2012. ’The Moscow Accord’, formed from the blue collar roots of the Deus hammer. First step: strip the Sportster of… More