Indonesia Deus CSC Surf Tourney 2012 – Video

Here is a little vid clip of the Deus CSC comp to accompany the images from yesterday’s blog! again thanks for everybody who came out and participated! Happy New Year everyone!

Indonesia Deus CSC Surf Tourney 2012

Alas, it seems we are coming to the end of 2012 and in a couple days we will be ushering in 2013…but what better way is there to see out the year than having the whole… More

Indonesia Christmas Logging

As I sipped on my first latte this morning and opened my inbox I was pleasantly surprised to get a Vimeo clip from Husni. “This was the Christmas swell”- he wrote. Come up on the next… More

Indonesia Vignette No.2

The Deus family is ever-growing, with ambassadors and advocates joining from all points of the compass. However the latest addition to said family comes literally from our door step. 15 year Temple old shop grom Riman… More

Indonesia Year of the Shaper

2012 was truly the ‘Year of the Shaper’ here at the Temple. We have blessed to be visited by many great shapers and have seen some amazing craft come out of our back yard workshop. Boards… More

Indonesia Thomas Bexon at The Temple

If you have been keeping up on our blog as of late than you already know we have been sifting through left over footage from 2012. Here a little clip of Surfer/Shaper Tomas Bexon doing his… More