Indonesia The Little Heroes, The Art of Drew Wellman

“Even though they’re just kids, they epitomize what’s great about surfing!” Drew Wellman, an artist who has been plying his trade for many years. Will open his one-man show, “The Little Heroes” at the Deus Gallery… More

Indonesia Same same, but different…

Re-inventing the wheel is not an easy task to do. That’s why we didn’t. We decided to pay homage to the wheel, well The Shank motorcycle to be more precise. The major designs are the same;… More

Indonesia Ah the beauty of the word free…

About two years ago someone had the fresh idea to start up Taco-n-Tatusdays over here at The Temple, the idea was simple good tacos, good drinks and free tattoos. (Not to sure who that cat was,… More

Indonesia Wing Pin and Sea Gypsies….

If you follow our daily uploads on Instagram, then you probably will have noticed that Deus Ambassadors Joel and Crystal Fitzgerald are back with us here on the Island of the Gods. Both Joel and his… More

Indonesia Who the f**k is They?

“They” say that on the seventh day god rested. Well if you have had the pleasure to rock up and get down in the back yard hustle better known as Sunday Sunset Sessions at The Temple… More

America BMW R100S in E Minor

Woolie finished the Deus BMW R100S one day before it went to The One Motorcycle Show in Austin, TX with just enough time for a lively concerto through the hills.