Indonesia Black cat on a hot tin roof

Now that you’ve had a chance to glanced at the pics of the new bike deemed “The Black Cat” We now have a bit of a homegrown video for you ocular delights to sink into showing… More

Indonesia The Black Cat

Indonesia Back in black

We do make custom motorcycles. We really do. You’d not be mistaken for thinking we don’t, what with the surf side of things monopolising the Blog sphere of late. Ok, we’re sorry. But as we have… More

Indonesia Going up around the bend…

Friday Morning Riman and his Lil side kick Biyawak from Java mounted up on bikes and went up to the east side to test out his new 5’3 Deus/Pavel quad and get slotted on there back… More

Indonesia Jalan-Jalan Kawan-Kawan

Our little shindig a few weeks back, 9ft & Single, threw a few like-minded, though geographically poles apart, folk together. A girl from California, a geezer from Sydney and a couple of less than likely lads… More

Indonesia A Bush Christening…

Bali grom Max moved to Sydney at the end of last year to complete his last two years of school there. He’d grown up in Bali and for a large part of it, in and around… More