Indonesia One Helluva Romp, in the Canggu Womp Comp

They thought we were crazy, those magnificent men on their wave ring machines, when we first mentioned we wanted to hold the Bali’s first body surfing event, the Inaugral Deus Canggu Womp Comp. The field filled… More

Australia Chabott

As long time admirers of Chabott Engineering and Shinya Kimura, we were stopped in our tracks to see the real, live Kimura-san strolling the asphalt at The Emporium of Postmodern Activities during the Festival of Thump… More

Indonesia A Write Up on the Wrap Up

There was quite the uproar out in the rice fields of Canggu Sunday night. From early evening through to the wee hours of the morn. Lights blazing bright, bands belting it out and four hundred odd… More