Indonesia No Dogs to Dodge….

With Adrian in town for only a few days, we convinced him to take some time out of his busy schedule and come racing with us. All we had to do was decide where… Finding a… More

Indonesia ‘The Vertigo of Host and Guests’

Simple and contained, monochromatic yet garish, minimalist and easy to harp about, it’s hard to put my finger on it -let alone to describe my reaction. It’s simply fucking intriguing. 26-year-old Schlesinger possesses a unique quality… More

Indonesia Ali Adrian .R #12

Old mate and Deus Ex Machina team member or as we like to call him our “Motto Ambassador” Ali Adriansyah Rusmiputro or Adrian for short. Stopped by “The Temple” while on a bit of a break… More

Indonesia Lovin Spoonful….

Man has used the spoon for many centuries. Early man, for instance I’m sure fashioned a semi concaved stick to feast on a stew like meal. I’m sure that Jesus used a spoon during the last… More

Indonesia A word from our sponsors.

Some three months back, we were treated to a visit from our old buddy, Charley Boorman. We’ve all seen him on the box riding around, down and then by any means. So as you can imagine,… More

Indonesia The Wanderers

We received another postcard from Surf Traveler Matt Cuddihy. Well actually it was an email but never the less had more nice images attached to it! View for your self- Iv been traveling around by myself… More