Indonesia The Deus Aperitivo Fridays

As you now know, Deus Ex Machina is now leading the good time charge on Friday nights with Aperitivos. Yes it true and any one can join, no loopholes or hidden fees just a bunch of… More

Indonesia Second Sight

Our good friend and Deus surf/travel ambassador Matt Cuddihy set sail a few months back from his kangaroo back yard to the land of the stars and stripes. He’s been keeping himself busy at the Emporium of Postmodern… More

Indonesia “Good times boys, good times…”

Fact, we here at The Temple feel that the Island is a better place when “Doc and Jake” are in town. Now were not trying to jerk your crank, its just a fact. They come over… More

Indonesia Handmade Batik Fins

Fins, who would have thought that these bits of fiberglass and resin would change your board so much? Well, we do and since we take the time to hand shape our sticks, why wouldn’t we hand… More