I’m back! The roosters were cockadoodledoodlin’ as we packed the van at the Temple this morning. Gotta love waking up early with a new wave and a few barrels to look forward to. Off we went,… More

Indonesia Art Vs. Function

The Deus Gallery has a new show up in the Deus Gallery! Its a banger! They say two heads are better than one, and that can definitely be said about the latest collection of boards to… More

Indonesia The Ride

The motorcycle is back! Similar to the fresh contemporary scene that has established itself around bicycles in the last few years, the motorcycle is currently undergoing an aesthetic rebirth. A young subculture worldwide is discovering the… More

Australia A Bouquet of Foam

Shaping a surfboard is as much of an art form as painting a picture or writing a ballad. 2nd gen shaper and Deus family member, Joel Fitzgerald is one of those few but very talented shapers… More

Indonesia “Green Fuzz”

The stage was set, the candles were burning, the wax dripping and the crowd was eager for action. And that is exactly what they got. The ear blistering beard rock methodically oozed out of the loudspeakers… More

Indonesia “As busy as a fluffer on a porn set”

As you know by now there are many faces of The Temple, and today my good lil Motor-heads the benkel gets the nod for the masses… Man, “The Benkel Boys” have been hauling ass on the… More