Indonesia Spin the Wheel-o-Steel to ride the waves of wonder – Deus Slidetober Fest 2013

Part two of the Deus Slidetober Fest 2013 was set on the Sunday. And just before dawn, with only a glow in the east to guide us, we arrived at the beach, walked over the little… More

Indonesia Unguarded Moments – Deus Slidetober Fest 2013

Frequenters of our blog will know that capturing images of those who came and got involved is more than just bloody important to us. For it is for these purveyors of enthusiasm that we do what… More

Indonesia Fun Fuelled, 100% high octane horseplay – Deus Slidetober Fest Moto-X

The Deus Slidetober Fest 2013 recently slipped in, wrought havoc for a few days and left. It’s effects much like a force of nature. Many casualties in more ways, shapes and forms. Only now are people… More

Indonesia The Deus Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build Off 2013 – Indonesia

Dust off your Whitworths and recalibrate the torque wrench in readiness. The Deus Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build Off has returned, and this time it’s global. Close your eyes and imagine a happy place, a place where… More


Back in the ’50s and ’60s the Soviets were discovering new frontiers by dressing dogs up in space suits and launching them into orbit. The Halloween Hill Climb out at Glen Helen Raceway was not all… More


For the past two weeks, Nicolai Sclater, known the world round as Ornamental Conifer, has taken up quarters at The Emporium of Postmodern Activities under the auspices of the Deus Ex Machina artist in residence program…. More