Australia Bent, On Bob.

Phew, Bob Mctavish is a cool customer. His list of achievements goes on and on. He’s shaped thousands of surfboards, he’s a major star in Greenough’s cult classic “The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun”, he’s been… More

Indonesia Cafe Racer GL200

The Café Racer was definitely a fun project for us. We had a pretty no holds barred attitude when it came to the making of the bike and the choosing of specifications, and came up with… More

Indonesia Walking With Dinosaurs

It’s been well over a year since the last time we had the Last Dinosaurs in town. Might have been even longer if fate hadn’t of stepped in, The boys were half way through their tour… More

Indonesia Scrambling Saturday

Word of Batata 2 seems to have been very grass roots, a Google image search right now fetched up pictures of potatoes not bikes. As luck would have it, Deus family member Anom, was plugged in… More

Italy Blood in the water

After unveiled their mean and moody Yamaha XJR1300 back street special entitled Project X in July, Deus Ex Machina’s Milanos latest creation is designed to stand out from the crowds. Inspired by legendary endurance machines of… More

Australia Byron Bonanza

The Van was loaded with all sorts of wave riding equipment and after a pit stop at the Bean Drop we were jacked up on coffee .I drove my van and harry rode the DR650 we… More