Indonesia Deus Film & Art Xmas Extravaganza

We’ve never needed much of an excuse to throw a party at the Temple, but when we have a good reason we pull out all the stops. So what happens when we’ve got three good reasons?… More

Indonesia East Bali Adventure

The Canggu Scrambling Club rides again. This time the boys from the Temple headed up to East Bali and Tackled a 80km Enduro track that should not be taken light hearted. The race was a true… More

Indonesia A Little Something for the Shapers

Nothing stays the same for too long here at the Temple. Whether it’s building a miniramp out the back or hanging fresh artwork up on the walls, we’ve always got something new up our sleeves. Not… More

Indonesia Mason Works His Magic

When Mason Dyer decided to pay us a visit at the Temple we were truly blessed. He’s been doing his own thing over in San Diego for some time now, pulling together his passion for hot… More

Indonesia The Canggu Scrambling Club Rides Again

After our first enduro adventure a buzz quickly spread through the Temple. In fact, we had so much fun it led to the inauguration of the Canggu Scrambling Club, and we welcomed a couple of new… More

Indonesia Bringing Back the Blue Bird

Back in ‘72 the McTavish Blue Bird was born. Fast forward 40 years and there’s little chance of finding one of these original boards that hasn’t been thrashed to bits. With that in mind, revisiting this… More