America Deus Bike Build Off 2013 – Venice Yard

It’s no secret that the enthusiasm of the Deus community is the lifeblood of The Emporium of Postmodern Activities. When the community gets together and does its thing is when Deus feels most like Deus. With… More


Within Nicolai Sclater’s artwork* there exists a multitude of creative impulses which are in turn expressed through a variety of skills. As a cursive and printscript artist, Nico’s steady-handed brushstrokes are nothing less than first class,… More

Indonesia A Little Something for the Shapers

Nothing stays the same for too long here at the Temple. Whether it’s building a miniramp out the back or hanging fresh artwork up on the walls, we’ve always got something new up our sleeves. Not… More

Indonesia Mason Works His Magic

When Mason Dyer decided to pay us a visit at the Temple we were truly blessed. He’s been doing his own thing over in San Diego for some time now, pulling together his passion for hot… More

Indonesia The Canggu Scrambling Club Rides Again

After our first enduro adventure a buzz quickly spread through the Temple. In fact, we had so much fun it led to the inauguration of the Canggu Scrambling Club, and we welcomed a couple of new… More

Italy Deus Cycleworks 2.0: Italy is calling!

The bicycle story never end! Strongly motivated for a longer life of the bicycle world, the Milano store is making the basis for a Deuscycleworks 2.0 life. After a pioneer start of the Sydney Shop, Deus… More