Australia Deus returns to the Bike Shed.

Deus is returning to The Bike Shed BSMC lll. After attending the first two, we just couldn’t refuse the invitation to be part of an even bigger and better show. If you’re kicking around London Town… More

Italy Snowboards Out Of The Shaping Room

What is standard for surfboards is pretty much an exception in the snowboard industry – A board handmade by a shaper in his workshop! That was the initial idea behind ‘The Shaper Collective’ around Chris Spoerri… More

Indonesia Deus 9ft and Single Log Fest 2014

One of the best excuses for a logger to pack nine foot plus of fibreglass and head to the Indonesian isle of Bali in many a year would have to be our little shindig, The 4th… More

SURPRISE VISIT: The return of Dane Peterson.

It’s been a long time since Peto has graced our line-ups. The saying ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone’ works well when we wonder of his wanderings. It’s not hard to imagine us… More

Australia The Mighty SR Festival Of Thump

We’ve had a number of Festivals of Thump over the years, where the iconic sound of single cylinder engines-that-could draw like minded thumper enthusiasts from far and wide like a staccato bass piper from Hamlein. The latest… More

Australia The Faces of Thump

Some of the men and women who came down to celebrate the little engine that could. from the classy and functional to the weird and interesting, each of these bikes are designed to fit the personalities… More