America Sunday Mass: Streets of New York

Potholes you could sleep in, lane closures ad nauseam, and bumper to bumper traffic pretty much the whole way through, Deus Ex Machina’s New York City Sunday Mass was an extraordinary test of wills. New Yorkers… More

Italy Playing with color, with graphics, and riding: a new Carby Road is on streets!

…new style, new colors, new look! We just start to play with a Carby Road frame – the Columbus Genius carbon high module frame that we like so much – and playing, and playing, we found… More

Indonesia Kanpai! Deus does Japan… again.

The guys and girls who take care of Deus Ex Machina in Japan really know how to make a man feel special. What, with the dinners, parties and general kindness it’s hard not to forget that… More


Well jeez… We’ve been a bit slow in getting to this one. The fourth annual 9 Foot and Single flew past like a like a firecracker on Chinese New Year. It was all bright, wild and… More

America ‘I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night’ Venice Premiere Party

The Emporium of Postmodern Activities was packed to the gills for the Venice premiere of Deus Ex Machina’s newest surf film, ‘I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night.’ Cozied up next to one another inside… More

America In Cahoots With

The San Diego community showed up in throngs for the West Coast premiere of I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night. Hosted by Raen Optics and followed by an ultra groovy musical performance from the Allah… More