America A Way North: Over The Golden Gate

The water is getting colder and the trees are bigger the further north I go on highway 1. There has been a lot of fog on the coast so looking for surf has been challenging. There… More

America Luftgekühlt Sept 7th

The dulcet chunter of air cooled internal combustion will serenade the parking lot at Deus Venice on Sunday the 7th September 2014 when we play host to Luftgekuhlt – A celebration of Porsches finest air-cooled cars. Basking in… More

A Date with the Dirt

Up at sparrows on Saturday morning, freezing and still half asleep we arrive at the Nepean dirt track blanketed in fog so thick you could feel water in your lungs. Dead silence, the only sound disturbing… More

Indonesia Dorsey’s Barber Shop at Deus

Damea Dorsey started life as a surfer. Born and bred in San Diego he followed the well worn path from the NSSAs to professional surfing and on to a string of industry jobs. Then things got… More


Never before has Deus Ex Machina’s Emporium of Postmodern Activities in Venice, California come across a single machine with a more storied past. Clem Johnson’s BARN JOB drag racer is crouched atop the main feasting table… More

America A Way North

For the last few years I have enjoyed traveling on motorcycles with or without surfboards and that style of lightweight adventure. When I was thinking about heading north on highway 1 that follows the Pacific Coast I… More