America Long Black or Flat White?

Deus enjoys participating in HOT AUGUST NIGHTS, a signature hooligan event in the annual triple-crown event series put on by Meatball and Hayden of Hell On Wheels MC. Its a chance for us all to feel… More


The LAND Boys are out there doing it. Caleb and Ryan have been a part of the Deus Ex Machina picture for quite a while now with their art threaded into the core of what we… More

Australia Deus Tried & Tested

America The Wall Of Foam

All hail the haggle! The Wall of Foam was roaring during Saturday’s Surf Swap Nr 3 and the sets kept coming. Just as boards were purchased and taken home to leave an empty space, somebody would… More

America Surf Swap Number Three

It just wouldn’t be a proper summer without a Deus Surf Swap so the first Saturday of August the parking lot took a transformation into a busy hive of activity with smiles and surf stoke while… More

America Cuddlefornia 2014

Cuddles has chased the summer back to US soil and is in for another round of “Cuddlefornia” adventures. Last summer he followed the swell up and down the coast living out of his trusty bronze-colored van…. More