Indonesia Sunday Ride Part 1: The Matric Enduro Race

Last weekend was all about the bikes, with two rides going down on Sunday that couldn’t have been anymore different. One a fleet of classic motorcycles cruising the highways of Bali, the other dirt bikes tearing… More

America When Marie (and Matt) came to Malibu

When you hear reports of a hurricane off the Baja coastline you can only dream of a swell like the one hurricane Marie produced. After tracking north, I twisted the throttle south from Portland to greet… More

Australia The R nine T Build Diaries: Entry 1

The R nineT burst onto the scene in late 2013, appealing instantly to a wide range of motorcyclists and those who appreciate BMWs forward thinking approach to developing a quality product. As a bike it bridges… More

America A Way North – The Pacific Northwest

Making my way through the Pacific Northwest has been an amazing experience and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I have avoided the rain and kept warm on the bike by layering a lot of… More

America Luftgekühlt

The cars rumbled in bright and early to bask together in the morning sunshine as the guttural ensemble of air cooled internal combustion serenaded the parking lot and echoed off the walls of Deus Ex Machina… More

Indonesia Bali Fish Fry 2014

We’ve been busier than a one legged man at an arse kicking convention lately bouncing overlands and waters from east Indo to west. Time has come though to put the breaks on, get out the hard… More