Indonesia Slidetoberfest 2014: The Portraits

As usual we had the portrait backgrounds up the Slidetoberfest 2014! Enjoy the images!

Indonesia Slidetoberfest 2014: The Dirt

Sunday morning the boards were swapped for bikes and the sound of two and four strokes reverberated throughout onlooker’s eardrums. It was race day! And what do you get when you throw a bunch of surfers… More

Indonesia Slidetoberfest 2014: The Surf

Weh-he-hell… What a great time it was to be in Bali! The 4th annual Deus Slidetober Fest was held over the weekend in stellar style. At the festival locals, expats and tourists came together to celebrate… More

America Ornamental Conifer’s ‘4th Coming’ Solo Exhibition Opening Night

The aroma of mineral spirits and sign painter’s enamel has daily been our pleasure to whiff here at Deus Ex Machina as artist Nicolai Sclater (better known as Ornamental Conifer) created a new body of work for his solo… More

Indonesia The Indonesian Motocross Nationals

Zye Norris has just had his first experience racing in a real Indonesian motocross race. It was six year old Kelana Humphrey’s first ever motocross race. The little tacker finished with a respectable third place in… More

America 4th Coming – Oct 16th

On the evening of Thursday October 16th at 6pm, Ornamental Conifer, the moniker of British artist Nicolai Sclater, will be opening his ‘4TH COMING’ solo exhibition here at Deus Ex Machina in Venice, California. No stranger to the… More